Havasu Riviera Marina

Hours and Availability for the Havasu Riviera Marina

The Havasu Riviera Marina is open to the public. Access to the marina may vary based on time of year, passholder status, and capacity.

When Is the Havasu Riviera Marina Open?

The Havasu Riviera Marina hours of operation are as follows:

Standard hours of operation:

Winter: (October – March) 8am – 4pm

Summer: (April – September)
Mon – Thurs: 7am – 6pm
Fri – Sun: 7am – 7pm

During these hours, the Havasu Riviera Marina is open to the public. Amenities including the parking lot, boat slips, and the Marina Store will be available for anyone to access after paying a day-use fee. Fees for day use vary based on season and amenities requested.

Note that the marina is subject to capacity. If the marina is at full occupancy, visitors may not purchase day-use passes to access the marina regardless of standard hours of operation.

Learn more about day-use rates for accessing the marina for day use or reserving the use of amenities.

Hours may be subject to change. To check for updates to these hours based on holidays or restrictions, call the marina at 928-9-MARINA (928-962-7462).

Riviera Pass: Accessing the Marina After Hours

The Havasu Riviera Marina can be accessed outside of standard hours of operation through the Riviera Pass. The annual Riviera Pass allows passholders 24/7 access to the marina and the self-serve amenities within it, including boat ramps, slips, and fuel stations.

The Riviera Pass is not the same as an Arizona State Park Pass. Holding a State Park Pass does not grant you access to the Havasu Riviera Marina after hours.

 You can purchase your Riviera Pass online or visit the marina during standard hours to buy it in person.

Other benefits of the Riviera Pass include:

Learn more about the Riviera Pass or sign up to reserve your pass.

Holding a Riviera Pass does not exempt passholders from capacity restrictions. Should the marina reach capacity, passholders may not access the marina until occupancy drops below capacity.