Havasu Penthouses

About Havasu Penthouses

The Havasu Penthouses are floating luxury villas located directly on the water for owners to stay at the Havasu Riviera Marina. Learn about reserving and vacationing at the Penthouses.

Luxury Floating Villas at Havasu Riviera Marina

The Riviera Penthouses are a one-of-a-kind collection of 15 floating estates docked at the Havasu Riviera Marina in Lake Havasu City. The Penthouses are not only fully-functioning boats, they are also designed as luxurious, beautiful homes for you and your family to stay at the Havasu Riviera Marina during weekend, holiday, and multi-week vacations.

Penthouses are available for co-ownership purchases today. You can own your share of these unique vacation getaways and have access to the best parts of Lake Havasu with a holiday retreat directly on the water. They are designed to provide luxurious, hassle-free living, including all the benefits of a vacation home without the drawbacks.

Amenities at the Havasu Riviera Penthouses

The villas are fully functional residences available in a variety of sizes, from 2,100+’ to 4,100’+ square feet. You can choose one of four models, with four, seven, or eight bedrooms and two or three bathrooms. They are fully furnished, with stocked kitchens, on-board laundry facilities, and fire pits on the deck for your enjoyment.

But the Penthouses are more than just a place to stay at the Havasu Riviera Marina. They’re also your place to play. Each villa comes equipped with:

In addition, these penthouses have been a part of the Marina plan from the very beginning. They are docked at a unique master-planned dock designed to house these units on a permanent basis. The dock perfectly fits each boat, and the slips provide dedicated electrical and plumbing hookups perfectly tailored to the villa.

Co-Ownership of Havasu Penthouses

When you reserve your villa, you are purchasing a portion of the property. You then have the right to use the property according to your share of fractional ownership. For example, if you own one sixth of the property, you have the right to spend 60 days a year there.

Note that the Havasu Riviera Penthouses are not time-shares – they are fully co-owned by each owner and managed by the penthouse association. You also own the features that come with it, including the golf cart, paddleboats, and more.

In addition, the villas come with a 35-year slip lease on the custom-built dock, compared to the standard year-to-year leases offered elsewhere. Owners are guaranteed the right to use their penthouse as it was intended to be experienced for decades to come.