Havasu Riviera Offers Free Boat Launching During Site Six Construction

Lake Havasu City, January 8, 2024 – The Havasu Riviera Marina is proud to be able to support the local boating community and offer free boat launching while the City’s Site 6 facility is closed for construction.  We know that Site 6 is an important amenity to the public and provides an important access point to Lake Havasu for residents and visitors.  During this time we welcome everyone to utilize the Havasu Riviera Marina free of charge, during normal business hours, 

A special thank you to our pass holders and slip holders for your support in making this possible to the local community.  Together we are able to be good community partners and show our support.

For questions or information please visit us at 2067 Havasu Riviera Parkway or call 928-962-7462.


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