Havasu Riviera Marina

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is developing the Havasu Riviera Marina?

Havasu Riviera Marina is being developed by Komick Enterprises through a concession lease with Arizona State Parks and Trails.

What is a concession with Arizona State Parks and Trails?

A concession is a private business operating under contract with Arizona State Parks to provide products and services designed to enhance or facilitate the area’s visitor experience. Typically, concessionaire services are not provided by state employees. Concessions offer the facilities, services, and goods that the state would not otherwise be able to provide. By creating this public/private partnership, Arizona State Parks and Trails is able to fill a gap in resources for the region and communities surrounding the existing area state parks.

Where is the money coming from to build the project?

The project is being designed, funded, constructed and operated with private funds. No state, federal or tax-payer dollars are being used to construct or operate the project.

What are the slip sizes?

Slips range in size from 11.5 x 24 to 15 x 40. Other amenities such as shore power, hoist lifts and covered slips are available.

Is the Havasu Riviera Marina open to the public?

Yes. The project is on public land and is available to all residents and visitors of Lake Havasu City.

Will the Arizona State Parks & Trails Annual Pass be accepted at Havasu Riviera Marina?

No. The Havasu Riviera Marina is not a stand alone Arizona State Park, but a contracted concession of Lake Havasu State Park. The project is being funded and operated with private funds and operated under contract by non-state employees. A separate annual pass specific to the Havasu Riviera Marina is available.

What Amenities are available?

The marina features a six-lane boat launch, large marina with short-term and long-term rentals in a variety of sizes, a marina store, fuel dock, beach access and day use areas. Future improvements will include boat rentals, a restaurant and bar, banquet facility and a future dry boat storage facility with concierge services.